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At JMDC, we are addressing issues such as "increasing medical expenses (2025 problem)," "regional disparities in medical care," "increasing lifestyle-related diseases," and "labor shortages" that have been raised as social issues in the medical field. We will actively invest in human resources and technology and take on the challenge of developing new initiatives and services that utilize medical Big Data in order to achieve healthy lifestyles for individuals and a sustainable national healthcare system as a result.

JMDC's Main Business

Support for Insurers Services

Mainly for health insurance associations, we provide various services that support the implementation of PDCA using data in health services. These services are based on our database of Health Insurance Calims Data including paper and image receipts, medical examination data, and ledger data, etc.

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Health Data Platform

For the health insurance associations we provide with Support for Insurers services, we operate a portal site aimed at individuals via the Pep Up health data platform developed by our company. At present, we have issued more than 5 million Pep Up IDs, and the userbase is growing steadily. We will continue to develop a wide range of health promotion services on Pep Up.

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Medical Big data

We have obtained consent for secondary use of the anonymized receipt and examination data we received from health insurance associations as part of our Support for Insurers, and we used it to create a healthcare big data set with a scale of more than 10 million people, which we provide to pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and life and non-life insurance companies, etc. We will also utilize the health information and other data we obtain through our health data platform services as healthcare big data after appropriate processing going forward.

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